Saturday, October 22, 2005

Back to Back Contenders

Who’s going to beat the Spurs this year, honestly? The defending champions were not necessarily the most active team in the offseason with trades and acquisitions, but they quite possibly were the most improved. With the signing of another big man with soft hands, Fabricio Oberto, a 3 point shooting threat, Michael Finley, and an experienced veteran that can light you up in a thousand different ways, Nick Van Exel, the Spurs look to repeat with authority this season. The preseason has gone along smoothly with the Spurs losing their first 4 games before winning one against the New Orleans Hornets, but who cares, it’s the preseason. As far as I’m concerned the only team that can knock them out of contention is themselves.

Monday, October 10, 2005

A Little MVP Controversy

Lately there’s been a big of controversy over who should have won the Finals MVP last year, after the Spurs beat the Detroit Pistons in 7 games for the national title. After going home for the off-season, Argentinean Manu Ginobili was constantly told that he should have won instead of teammate Tim Duncan, and how upset his fellow countrymen are that he didn’t win it.

“Well, my mom told me many times,” Ginobili said, “and I heard it many times in Argentina, but it's just a statue. I'm going to have the ring, same as him, and I was feeling as happy as anyone in the world at that moment, so it doesn't make a difference.”

So here’s my question. If the guy that everyone thinks should’ve gotten the MVP, doesn’t care whether or not he was the MVP, then why should others care so much? It just seems that talk like this could only make things worse rather than better while the Spurs get prepared to defend their title. No matter, Ginobili and Tim Duncan seem to be on the same page for another title run.