Saturday, June 10, 2006

Spurs don’t lose to second best.

This San Antonio Spurs fan is impressed by the talent and drive of the Dallas Mavericks. They went on to beat the Phoenix Suns in six games and played well enough to take game one of the NBA Finals against the Miami Heat. It wasn’t their best game but playing at the Heat’s pace and against a tough defense they still managed to win by 10 points. To their credit, Miami held the Mavs below one hundred points. That in itself is an accomplishment, but tough defense is not going to win games if it is not coupled with a technically superior offense.

I think that the Dallas Mavericks are going to come back for game 2 ready to fight and that Dirk Nowitzki is going to be on his game this time. I think we are going to see some good basketball in this series so I can get over the Spurs loss and just hope that the Mavs go all the way because it hurts less when you get beat by the best team in the NBA.