Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Preseason Ranking

Tim Duncan just squeezed into the top ten of a new variation on ranking, Sports Illustrated's "Player Power" list. It's about individual players, but the focus is on how they fire up their team as well as how they themselves perform. Duncan made his spot despite a whole season's worth of arch injuries which gave him lower than usual stats, and the reason was the way he helped spark the Spurs in the playoffs.

If he can stay healthy this year, I see Tim moving up the list, and the Spurs back on top of the NBA where they belong.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Jacque Vaughn

So have any of you actually watched this guy in motion? This guy knows defense. Even veterans like Robert horry have stated they find many things suprising about the young man, especially his passing ability. On Sunday night against the Rockets he had 5 assist in the first 10 minutes alone. Yet with 3 veterans having the preseason game night off the Spurs could not touch the monstrous size of Yao Ming. Friday the San Antonio Spurs have thier first full season game playing homestate rivals The Dallas Mavericks in front of a home crowd at The AT&T Center in central Texas.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Spurs Visit Wounded Soldiers

The San Antonio Spurs replaced their Monday practice time with a team visit to Brooke Army Medical Center. If it helps keep our wounded soldiers' spirits up, it is time well spent. I've gotta hope somewhere in Washington, somebody is spending time figuring out a plan for how to wrap it up in Iraq.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

I need no coffee!

Tony parker showed no signs of slowing during the 2 games he played overseas. Being so close to home for the past week, he has had many financial and social obligations to meet. Not to mention team activities such as games, meeting, and press encounters. When asked for a comment on his rising French star, Spurs coach Gregg popvich stated, "If he isn't tired now, he is never going to be." The San Antonio Spurs return to the AT&T Center for thier first homecourt battle of the preseason agains the Orlando Magic on October 14th.

Friday, October 06, 2006

Homecoming crowd

Tony Parker's homecoming is everything that he and all the San Antonio Spurs fans hoped it would be. Parker was in rare form on the first of the preseason games scoring a monster 26 points. His accuracy was unstoppable hitting 10 of 13 shots even after recently recovering from a broken index finger in early August. It just goes to show ya that there is no crowd like a hometeam crowd.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Off to Lyon

Well, the Spurs crossed the pond on Friday to begin training camp in Lyon, France, hometown of Tony Parker. Of all the Spurs, his schedule will undoubtedly be the most hectic while overseas - he's secured himself a good-sized piece of fame and recognition in France and throughout Europe, despite the fact that NBA games are broadcasted infrequently in France. He's a legend over there, and being a legend is certainly a full-time job in itself. Enjoy the home cooking, Tony.